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The founder

 Welcome to Plushura! 

"I founded Plushura with a mission of bringing mindful rituals to the beauty industry."




  “They are judging me.

  I’m not beautiful. 

  My skin hates me.

  I’m not good enough.”-My self talk


Have you ever felt insecure about your skin? 

That was me a few years ago!

I was struggling with acne which led me down a turmoil of insecurities, lack of confidence and a whole lot of negative self-talk. 

Answering tough questions.

Why do skin problems seem so complicated? My acne never made sense to me and it always seemed to get worse. I was using natural products, eating organic plant-based foods and exercising regularly, yet my skin did not reflect my healthy lifestyle. It was time to get some help!  I resorted to Traditional Chinese medicine & herbal remedies but sadly my skin didn't seem to get any better. It was time for plan B!  

Was external beauty worth internal damage?

After countless visits to dermatologists, I was prescribed medications and topical treatments like tetracyclines, benzoyl peroxide washes, to name a few. At first, the medications seemed great and my skin started to get better, but that all changed when the side effect came (missed menstrual cycle, sun sensitivity, chapped lips and dry skin) not to mention I became woefully dependent on them. Medications became a bandage solution.  Did I really want to stay on acne medications for years? The obvious answer was no but I didn’t want to go back to the way my skin used to be. It was time to find the missing puzzle piece! 

The untold truth. 

The way you speak to yourself matters! Through my journey of self-discovery, I recognized my skin is a reflection of my inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. Keeping my thoughts pure and positive is something I struggled with! My self-criticism, the way I handled stress, my perfectionism, family, work and social pressures we’re all contributing to my acne. 

This triggered my heartfelt passion for skincare.

Through my passion for skin health and the transformative powers of affirmations, I became inspired to create Plushura skincare. There is nothing more powerful than a person who is strong in their body and mind, which is why our mission is: prioritizing mindfulness to create beautiful skin from the inside out.  


Get to know me!

Apart from Plushura, I’m an avid meditator & plant-based foodie. 

I’m passionate about a multitude of seemingly wellness-related things: entrepreneurship, alternative medicine, health tech, creativity, spirituality, travelling, and the global education crisis just to name a few. I also spend time mentoring kids, adventuring with friends and I love little furry creatures, in particular my cat Koko.