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Mighty Botanicals to Nourish your Skin

When it comes to your skin care routine, all-natural, plant-based ingredients is the best way to go.

Botanicals are extracts from herbs, flowers and seeds, known for its regenerative qualities. It contains essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants to help protect the skin and works wonders for skin aliment.


How exactly are botanicals good for the skin?

  • It’s anti-aging properties help to calm and firm the skin

  • Prevents skin damage from free radicals

  • Improves complexion and texture

  • Contains healing properties to soothe sensitive skin and redness

  • Helps clear acne, skin irritation and dryness

    All Plushura products are formulated with botanicals. We select the most highly effective botanicals that’s been shown to works wonders to the skin.

    Throughout our product line, you’ll find ingredients like...


    Aloe provides a protective layer to the skin and offers anti-inflammatory + antimicrobial properties to restore and hydrate the skin. Not only is it rich in minerals but it helps to retain skin’s moisture, reduce redness and lighten blemishes.


    Echinacea is miracle plant that keeps your skin looking youthful and wholesome. It has an abundance of astringent molecules and compounds to help prevent acne, shrink pores, reduce inflammation and diminish wrinkles.  


    Licorice root is the perfect botanical for sensitive skin. It contains an active compound or antioxidant “glabridin” that protect the skin from environmental stressors as well as helps to brighten and soothe the skin.  Licorice also contains “licochalcone” which helps to balance oil, reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles and discolouration


    Plantain extract is the perfect skin-soothing agent. It contains germicidal and antibacterial properties which is great for acne+ blemish prone skin. Plantain extract also contains “allantoin” which is a affective agent that helps reduce the chance of scarring while encouraging cell growth and regeneration.

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